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Vision and Values

Our Vision
Our vision is an exuberant basketball future in which all female youth’s basketball needs — such as skilled coaches, quality gear, safe and accessible court space, fair and challenging competition and skill development pathing— are fulfilled in a positive sustainable way supported by a fully engaged community of parents, family, friends and neighbors.  
Our Mission 
To provide high quality female youth basketball experiences that promote learning the skills, tactics and strategies of the game through positive coaching that helps players improve while instilling life-lessons and values such as character, team work, discipline, respect and sportsmanship. 
Our Motto 
“Better basketball for girls, stronger and more confident girls for life”.

Our Values 

Kid/Coach Commitment
We develop mentoring relationships and use the positive influence of those relationships to instill healthy habits that make a difference in our young athletes lives. 
Kids feel like an important part of the team regardless of performance. Our coaches teach their players to use their basketball skills effectively as a team. 
Respect for people 
We value our families and their kids. We encourage diversity through open enrollment and development programs that allow girls to grow from novice to highly skilled.
Good citizenship 
We are good citizens in every community that we play, live and coach. We are positive ambassadors of Richfield representing our city in local, regional and national competitions. 
It’s easier for kids to focus their passion toward developing new skills and relationships when the experiences are grounded in fun. Fun is a part of every practice and game.
Healthy activity 
We work with kids to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives and establish healthy lifelong habits.
Positive Attitudes 
We are committed to fostering a positive culture and encourage ids to take a growth mindset approach to learning, including but not limited to having a positive outlook on an experience, win or lose.

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